are you a past life regression Skeptic?

How past life regression works – My Theory. References Below



None of us really knows for sure, how past life regression works to clear ailments and emotional issues. But what I’ve seen in my experience with my clients corroborates something that Dr. Roger Woolger talks about in his book Other Lives Other Selves.

Dr. Woolger discusses something called “samskara”. Samskara is a Hindu word that, in essence, means “energy residue”. When we die in a previous lifetime, under traumatic circumstances, we can be born into this life with a samskara. A samskara is like an energy blockage that compels us to experience a similar situation repeatedly, in an effort to resolve itself.

An example of this would be a woman or man, who repeatedly attracts the wrong type of partner, who treats them poorly, abuses or abandons them.

Another example, of how a samskara could be active in one’s life, would be similar to my client Don. Don was a people pleaser, being afraid to risk someone’s displeasure, at the expense of doing what he wanted, or needed to do, for his own benefit.

These kinds of behaviors can be the result of an energy residue or energy blockage, which arises in the first place, based on a traumatic and emotional death. The samskara seeks to be reconciled or we can be compelled to repeat behaviors that we know consciously are not good for us. 

We may, unconsciously, damage the same parts of our bodies, lifetime after lifetime. When regressed, my mother has experienced three lifetimes, where her right leg was damaged. We may feel the whole world is against us, or nothing every goes right for me. Both can be the result of an unreconciled past life trauma.

Past life regression helps to reconcile this emotional baggage, that you may have been unwittingly born with. A past life regression session brings the past life trauma experience to conscious awareness, where one can hold it up to the harsh light of day in order to examine it. One is now able to consider the impact of newfound knowledge, consciously reconcile it and finally put it to rest. One has more control over their lives, because they can consciously decide if they are going to behave in the same compulsive, self-damaging manner or not. Now one can test the water, and risk behaving differently. 

Don who was killed in a past life for displeasing the king, could now risk the displeasure of his wife, or his friends, knowing rationally, that in the worst case scenario, he would not lose his life for displeasing her. 

According to Dr. Stevenson, some birthmarks or odd skin formations can be indicative of a fatal wound in a past life. Dr. Stevenson investigated several such occurrences, of children who remember their past life, and how they died in that life. Dr. Stevenson also discusses how some children have certain phobias that cannot be accounted for with the family the child is born into, but can be accounted for in the child’s previous life and with the previous family.