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“Discovery” sessions are a crucial part of the process. Our lives, yours and mine, connect during a past life regression session where I become the catalyst to help you connect with a past or future self. My role is not suggestive or controlling in any way. I’m simply a skilled guide who knows how to read the map. The journey and destination are up to you and your higher self.

Just as when you hire a guide for an exotic trek into the mountains or a city tour, you must meet each other first. So it’s best that we meet each other first as well! This is known as a “Discovery”. There are two steps to follow.

First, book your Discovery Session that will be a 20-30 minute video meeting on Zoom, and it’s FREE.

Second, complete the Discovery Intake Form using this link.

what we'll talk about...

General Questions

Any questions you may have that were not addressed on the website.

About Your Objectives

A brief discussion about why you'd like to have a past life regression.


We see if we'll be a "good fit" to work together & if a PLR is right for your goals.

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After you have booked your Past Life Regression Discovery Session in the calendar below, you can use the link below to complete the intake form.

Healing Futures By Revealing Yesterdays