about past life regression sessions

Past life regression sessions enable us to connect with our own history of lifetimes, in the cosmos. Some people choose to move to a future time. The purpose of past life regressions (and future life progression) is to leverage the power of our eternal existence.

We seem to live our “todays” in isolation from our pasts and from our future. We are born into amnesia and in so many ways, this is the source of our pain today. We must try to re-member how great we truly are. Lifetime after lifetime.

The challenges we face every day, the obstacles, the physical ailments we carry, the personality traits we have and just about everything that makes us “us” today, has been developed over many lifetimes. However, these are all messages about where and what we need to heal. Until now,  for the most part, we have been denied access to these lifetimes, and the knowledge, wisdom and experiences gained, on a conscious level.

This is where experiencing a past life regression (or future life progression) can be a very valuable tool for releasing trauma from these other lifetimes, and healing. In every lifetime we’ve made choices, and those choices form the basis of the obstacles we must overcome, or the blessings that we receive, in the next life. Here are 50 ways that past life regression can benefit our lives.

Learning about some of our past lifetimes, can help us to feel more complete, give us greater understanding of our current relationships, understand what needs to be healed and to help us feel more empowered. We feel more in control of our lives. Having this experience can help us to correct compulsive behaviors, and patterns. Once understood, knowing and accepting who we were in our past lives, can help us to live a better, happier existence today.

In order to really benefit from a past life regression suspend your judgement. When you’re open to the possibility that you may have existed before, when you go with your first impressions, you allow your energy to be even more open for the answers to flow to you.

Your journey to a better, happier life now can begin with the simple acceptance – or just contemplation – that you may have existed in before.

The Process
Your regression / progression experience begins with being guided into a deeply relaxing state. While in the industry, it’s typically called hypnotic “sleep”, it’s not really sleep at all. You’ll be able to hear my voice clearly, and you’ll be able to respond to my questions as I guide you to understand more details about the life your higher self has chosen for you to see.

This process is recorded, and a copy provided to you, so that you can review it any time you wish.

benefits of having a past life regression session


Meet Your Higher Self

Your higher self is your most trusted guide in this lifetime.

Improve Your "Happiness"

When you know your past, your future becomes brighter.

Know Yourself

From personality traits and habits to beliefs carried forward.

Meet Angels & Guides

Connect with your cosmic "counselors" for love and guidance.

Connect With Loved Ones

Gone from your lifetime today, but often still accessible.

Connect With Pets

Animal souls who lit up your life for a time. Confirm their wellness.

Make Better Decisions

In life, in business, in your personal affairs. Connect with higher wisdom.

Alleviate Pain & Ailments

Some ailments in this lifetime are found and healed in the past.

Sleep Better & Deeper

When you're at peace with your current life, rest comes more easily.