Mini-Movies of PAST LIFE REGRESSION stories

I created a series of mini-movies of some of my past life regression sessions so you can watch the journeys unfold & enjoy. Yours could be next!

Don's Journey of self discovery
(Featured) - Coming Soon!

Length: 18 Minutes. This is Don's journey within a parallel lifetime. Watch as Hank recovers from a burned down diner owner in Wisconsin to a successful motel and hotel owner in the Florida Keys

Mark's Journey as a soldier
at a medieval castle

Length: 4.5 minutes. Following Mark's journey into his past, his shoulder pain in this life "miraculously" disappeared. But he also discovered many other parallels between that life, and his life now.

Betty Journeys into the past to heal her heart

Length: 4.8 Minutes. A jealous cousin violently and tragically ends Betty's life, thinking to replace her in the affections of Betty's husband. Killing Betty was her solution... but it didn't work!