Dr. Brian Weiss, a psychiatrist who was based out of a Miami hospital, had been on Oprah, many times. He was, in great part, responsible for increasing public awareness of this transformative therapy known as past life regression. He exposed himself to the ridicule of his colleagues, but nevertheless pressed on to expose the world to this great truth. You have lived before.

Dr. Weiss helped hundreds, if not thousands, to heal past life traumas and free themselves. He is the author of many books on the subject.

Maybe you’ve heard of Canadian Dr. Ian Stevenson, who traveled all over the world to meet small children claiming to have lived other lives. According to Wikipedia, [Dr. Ian Stevenson was] “known for his research into cases he considered suggestive of reincarnation – the idea that emotions, memories, and even physical bodily features can be passed on from one incarnation to another.”

If you’ve really been studying, past life regression therapy, you may even be familiar with one of my faves, Dr. Roger Woolger, author of Other Lives Other Selves, who believed we are all born with samskaras or energetic “residues” from other lifetimes. Once these energy residues are re-experienced via a past life regression, they often get reconciled and healing occurs.

Author Dolores Cannon, had practiced past life regression for years, having written several books on the subject, created QHHT (quantum hypnosis healing technique), taught thousands her methods to help folks discover their past lives and get better.

All of these people have laid the groundwork, for us today, to discover our own past lives. Whether it’s for entertainment or healing, a past life regression experience with me, will likely be a memorable one.

Today, with advances in technology, I can meet you – wherever you are – for your past life experience online. And THAT’s exciting!