how to prepare for your PAST LIFE REGRESSION session

Note: Audio and video quality are very important to ensure a successful online Past Life Regression experience.

Ensuring the Success of your past life regression session

Number 1:

Before our session, please make sure you have a working webcam (whether auxiliary or part of your laptop). Also, make sure to have a working, “wired” headset with a microphone. Your voice must be clearly picked up on your mic, as people tend to speak quietly in a session. Being in this state can do weird things to audio equipment and wireless devices. Audio quality is very important! I don’t want you to be disappointed that we didn’t “get it all”.

It’s probably best to get a free Zoom account to test your equipment. Play around with Zoom to understand how it works. That’s the system we’ll be using for your past life regression session.

You’ll be able to access “Settings” in Zoom so that your camera and the headset you plan to use, are compatible and selected.

Before our appointment, I’ll send you a Zoom link to our meeting and I’ll record our session so you won’t have to take notes or try to remember. You’ll be getting a lot of details and won’t have to worry about forgetting anything! You can just relax and let it flow.

Number 2:

Please give some thought as to what you would like to accomplish during our time together. Write down a list of the questions you would like to ask your higher self or guides. Email them to me prior to our session so I can be prepared. We’ll spend some time reviewing your points of interest, and questions before we begin.

Your questions can be about whatever you like. For example, your life’s purpose, your long-standing issue with your sister, neighbor, mother, friend, husband or maybe if you’ve had past lives with your spouse / partner / sister / brother / child. You can also ask about things like a health issue, your lessons in this life, your ET experience, missing time etc.. You name it!

These are just some examples of where you might like some clarification or more information. The possibilities are limitless! Let your curiosity be your guide.

Some clients don’t have anything specific to ask about and rely on their “higher selves” to dig up what may be pertinent or relevant to their lives now.

Number 3:

Our actual session will last around two hours and we need to stay focused and present.

There’s nothing worse than nagging bodily urges to interrupt and exciting moment! To avoid this, please make sure you’ve eaten something, and have had a “bio” break. Also, please avoid drinking high caffeine beverages (coffee, Red Bull etc.) before your appointment, because you’ll need to get into a very relaxed state and coffee can make us “wired”! You’ll want to wear comfortable clothing too.

Since you’ll be in a form of trance, (more like a deep state of relaxation) it’s important that you’re set up in a quiet and private area. Make sure nobody will be walking through the room, or that a pet doesn’t need attention or that you can’t be overheard, if you are concerned. If you have small children, ensure they’ve got supervision and will not interrupt your “me” time.

This is time you’ve paid for and you deserve to be the focus of my attention. Although, you should know, that if there were another sort of emergency, you would easily be able to bring yourself out of your session and attend to it. Let’s just prepare as much as possible, by planning ahead.

Number 4:

Before we start the hypnosis session, we’ll have a chance to get to know each other even more since our Discovery Session and discuss your reasons for wanting to have this experience. I’ll explain how easy the process is to get you into a deep state of relaxation, how I’ll guide you into a place where you’ll find the answers within yourself and I’ll answer any other questions you might have about the process.

During your past life regression session – or future life progression – and while you’re in this wonderful deep state of relaxation, I’ll guide you to visiting one or more lives. Our session will be approximately 3.5 – 4 hours – more or less. We’ll ask to connect with your higher self and on your behalf, I’ll ask the questions you’ve prepared.

The whole appointment will be recorded so you’ll be able to review it, any time you wish!

Your experience will be exactly what your higher self ordered, and will help you to begin to uncover the root of any issues, concerns, problems or situations. Sometimes, getting a fuller understanding of your current circumstances, then and now, could take more than one session. Most people need time to assimilate the information gained, and once that information is brought up to conscious awareness, it can be absolutely transformative.

After your session, we’ll discuss what you remember, what you’ve learned and it’s impact on your life today. Often, people are surprised at the information they got, and at the greater insight they have into their lives. As the days and weeks progress, more and more information will become known to you, remembered and reconciled, leaving you feeling empowered about moving forward in your life.

Some of your questions may have already been answered in the “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

let the journey begin!