PAST LIFE REGRESSION Frequently asked questions

FAQ - general past life regression questions & for Couples below

Yes, it is a form of hypnosis focused on regression to a life prior to this one, or to an earlier time in this life, or to a future lifetime. All time exists in the NOW and your wondrous brain has the capacity to access all these various “times” because it is multidimensional.

No. That’s a misconception. You are, at a higher level always aware of your surroundings and where you are. You can stop the hypnosis at any time.

Yes. You actually remain in total control with conscious awareness. The beauty of online sessions is that you are in the comfort and security of your own home. 

No. For the past life regression part of our time together, I will ask you questions and you will provide the answers from this very deep part of your mind that we have been able to access. I don’t suggest anything, nor do I put thoughts into your head.

Yes. That’s a very common initial perception. However, during hours, days and weeks following your past life regression session you’ll start to make connections in your current life that will make it very hard for you to keep thinking that you just made it all up.

Also, you’ll likely “feel” the changes in your life, and in your physical and mental state.

And lastly, the “story” you’ll likely tell will be too elaborate, historically accurate and detailed that master playwrights would have difficulty creating such a detailed “story”.

And finally, it is not uncommon to find actual validation of times, events and locations post session.

After a few days as things begin to sink in, you begin to ponder the session, things will be cogitating in your mind. You’ll probably begin to experience changes – even very small ones – in your life, it’s helpful to explain and / or reinforce the changes and the experience for lasting affect. Sometimes, after a session, you just need to talk with someone who was “there”.

Depending on what it is that you are releasing, sometimes, one additional session is not enough. In addition to the included follow-up, based on my experience, some people enjoy having another person to talk with about their experience.

Yes. Of course you can. Once you start on this exciting process, you’ll probably want more. During subsequent sessions, we can more deeply investigate one life, or choose to experience a different life, or a future one can be explored. We can also focus on getting to the source of a specific problem, and/or different issues.

It’s not uncommon to have several regression or progression sessions per year. When you see meaningful changes in your life, then it becomes a small investment in your life now. This is a common scenario.

I cannot guarantee any specific results, outcomes or experiences. Everyone is different. This is also why we have Discovery session where I can learn a bit about your desire and expectations from a past life regression session.

Questions & Answers for couples & families

Yes. That way we can all get to know each other a little, make sure a past life regression is right for you both, and I can answer any questions that you may have.

Technically, a lot. But the Couple’s past life regression session was created specifically for two people. Two family members or a couple.

No. Although both can be present, the sessions are one at a time, on the same day, held sequentially with a break in between. Both parties can be present for the ensuing discussions. 

They are the same as for individual sessions. As a couple, make sure you have 6-7 hours booked off. Although each of you will have individual sessions, there will be joint discussions.

Each of you will have a separate 30 minute follow-up session. You can each be present, but one is the main participant. 

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