interviews WITH past LIFE REGRESSION clients

The interviews below are with clients who feel they have overcome emotional or physical challenges in this lifetime, as a result of having a past life regression session.

They also include interviews with clients who simply wanted to understand why they have strong proclivities for things… Like specific foods, or for traveling.

For many, the journey into higher frequencies, to meet their higher selves is about getting otherworld guidance, to better understand their path in this life, and what their life purpose may be. Our higher selves always want the best for us and interact with tremendous love.

Interview with Don about how he overcame his lifetime burden of being a people pleaser. His freedom from that path was borne in another time when he was a Jester to a lord (or King) in medieval times. Read his story here.

Interview with Sheri about how she no longer feels any constriction in her throat when she gets tense or worried. Freedom came after discovering that she was hung as a witch! Watch her actual past life regression session and read her story here.

Interview with Don about his lifetime as Hank Peterson. He identified with many of Hank’s traits that Don embodies in this lifetime. Now he understands his need to “get on the road”. Watch his mini-movie here.