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past life regression Overview of don's experience

Don's Past Life RegressionDon… AKA Peter Frank was the typical product of his upbringing. Like most of us. But where does it all begin? In which lifetime? What can we change now? Those are the questions to which you can get answers to through a past life regression.

Very, very few of us are lucky enough, or blessed enough, to know at a very early age what we want to do, or become… and even fewer of us have the fortitude to actually do it.

Desires and dreams are often “trained out of us” by parents, family, friends, siblings and educational institutions.

Every one of us remembers early desires and interests. Whether it was about wildlife, art, building things, reading, writing, math, fixing things, fishing, looking at bugs and being fascinated.

I could write thousands of examples, but I’m sure you get it. And we’re all different, so where do those interests come from?

Not from your existing life, unless you’re following in the footsteps of someone close to you. And maybe not even then.

So why is it that what you do today is so far removed from your early interests? Is it because your life is governed by the practical things you were taught? Thinking about education, career moves, 401Ks?

About being “sensible”?

Just keep in mind that whatever your interests are – or were as a child – there ARE people, right now making a living doing it. And they’re sensible too.

If you’re just “biding your time” in a job or career that “pays the bills” and funds your “real life” after work, on weekends and holidays, then you may be missing a large part of your current life while “at work”.

Once you make the connection between your life today and your life, or lives past, you just may see things differently. And muster up the courage to change things in this life.

If the chain is to be broken, you must know your past. Otherwise the destiny is bound to repeat.

Don’s past life story is not uncommon to so many lives today. The life of a child is, in the eyes of a parent, supposed to unfold in the pattern of their own lives. To some extent, that makes sense. In this life, it assumed that we only know what we know, based on what we have learned from our parents and “influencers”.

The problem with that, however, is that it locks us into a perpetual repeat cycle… Life after life. Angst. Infighting with family, binds us together. It’s called karma.

We get stuck in this cycle, bound to repeat the past because we have deep amnesia of our soul history.

One way to change your future is by knowing your soul history.

overview of Takeaways from this past life regression

Who is this past life regression for?

Have you ever wondered why your life – up to now – has turned out the way it did? Who did you listen to? Who molded your ideas and principles?

Basically… who, individually, or who collectively, set the foundation for the principles and the choices you have made in life to date? Because every decision you made was based on those stones forming the foundation of who you are now. Which is OK…

Were they right?

And if not… are they to blame? No.

Just like you, they have lived lives before, and have been molded by the experiences of their previous lives.

But just like you, they also have not been wholly happy with their “lot” in life.

But change can come very quickly. In this life. But only once you have the roadmap of the past can you change the destination of your future.

Therefore. If you feel you could be “more,” “better,” “happier,” then a past life regression may be a path towards resolution. And a better, happier and more fulfilled life.

By breaking the pattern of past lives.,

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In the video below I read the whole story of the past life regression. You can also follow along with the text below, or simply read. There are two ways to enjoy the journey.

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the full story

Reading Time: 2.5 Minutes

From the age of fifteen, Peter was working at a gas station part time.

The first connection with his past self was when he was 16 years old, pumping gas.

The land was barren, but not quite desert like. He was wearing polished boots, coveralls and a hat with a rim but no visor – like worker in a uniform.

The weather was warm and dusty. A lonely gas station along a long deserted road.

It was 1935 or 1938.

He was working, at age 16 at the gas station. It was the first day of school. And he was full time. His father wanted him to work and not go to school.

His boss was his uncle. His father’s brother.

He had a sister… older. Age 18. Getting married. His fiancé was a good guy.

Moving forward in time…

Peter was about 40 years old now. Still at the gas station. It was in a town called Ulysses, KA.

Peter said the “town moved”… It turns out that Ulysses, KA did move 3 miles!

When Peter was 15, working part time he broke his leg when a car couldn’t stop.

The mechanic did a makeshift splint to hold it together. There were no hospitals nearby.

A long time after the injury he did see a doctor who tried to re-set it, but he ended up with a limp anyway.

He wanted to go to war, but they rejected him on account of his injury… his bum leg.

He wanted to go to war so he could learn something. His father made him quit school to work at his brother’s gas station.

Peter always wanted to learn… to experience things… and thought that at least in the war, in the army, he’d learn something.

But… his uncle got sick and suddenly died. He left the gas station to Peter.

Making another jump in the timeline…

Peter was selling the gas station. It took him two years to sell it. By now he was about 42 years old.

He got a car, then got in, and started driving. Peter wanted to experience the country, the towns, the world he has never seen.

he drove and drove and saw places he never knew were in his country.

He loved the freedom, and finally, he was able to experience it.

Making another jump in the timeline…

Peter was very old. Much older than anyone he himself has ever seen.

He was in a big house. His house. In a large room, surrounded by people.

No kids. He never married and had no regrets. He knew it was the way it was meant to be.

Then he died.

But Peter had no regrets. Felt no pain. Just peace.

He said, after he left his body… that “it was just a body”…

“it has to move on to other things”

Peter… Don was not distresses. He was completely at peace. Happy. Moving on to the next life.

In fact, he said… “I need a job now”.

Have to do something again.

Reading Time: 0.5 Minutes

Unless we know the story of our past lives, our “influencers” will control our lives now
We can only think that our lives are governed by our early experiences and guides. But it’s not true.

The power and choices you make today may not be rooted in this life. But likely well before.
The concept of choice is based on what you believe it means

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