Painful Shoulder Gone - medieval Injury found in a past life regression

Overview of mark's past life regression

Don's Past Life RegressionAssuming you truly have an inquisitive mind, then I’m sure one of the conclusions you have come to early on, is that “coincidences” don’t seem to exist. There’s a cause-effect relationship between everything, during every moment in our lives. A lot of which can be uncovered through a past life regression.

The basic question I constantly ask myself given any situation is… “if it’s not a coincidence, then what’s behind it?”

Whether you run into a person who you haven’t seen in a long time, or get an unexpected call, or “stumble on” that something you’ve been looking for for a long time… or even if you sustain an injury.

The “right place at the right time” or the “wrong place at the wrong time”, or the “it’s a coincidence”, or “it was just bad luck” arguments. are the fall-back explanations applied when there’s no deeper thinking involved.

However, with every event, in every moment (significant or not), there are a series of events prior to, and following every moment. And they’re all connected.

Think of life like a never ending series of interrelated consequences. Which of course makes sense. You buy a car, you have to pay for it, drive it, fix it, you’ll go to places, etc.. That’s an obvious example.

Some things are rooted in this life as part of your many lives. But some things are not.

A past life regression is an exploration that connects events – like injuries – to a past life, with potential healing effects in this life. The body follows the mind.

overview of Takeaways from this past life regression

Who is this past life regression for?

Whether you’ve sustained an injury, or landed in unfortunate circumstances, jobs, relationships, etc..  Or at the other end – have a unique (even if it’s untapped) skill, seem to always have great luck and want more… a past life regression is like a window from the past, to your current life.

Injuries can change the course of our lives. Sometimes they’re meant to. Sometimes they’re meant to be healed by reconciling the past.

Unexplored, unexploited skills can prevent us from gaining more happiness (and likely wealth) in this lifetime. Most people have some “hobby”. What’s the source of the interest? Some are great writers, jugglers, artists, sports players, cooks, builders, etc.. The list is truly endless.

When you make the connections between your life now and your life (lives) in the past, your entire life in the now, can change. Mentally, physically and financially.

Whether you seek to heal from an injury or to fully deploy your potential in this life, it begins with knowing where you came from. Because where you came from, could be where you’ve repeatedly been.

However, once you know your past journeys, you can change your map and itinerary in this life.

All it takes is an open mind. What do you have to lose? A lot of future and potential.

prefer to watch & listen, or read?

In the video below I read the whole story of the past life regression. You can also follow along with the text below, or simply read. There are two ways to enjoy the journey.

the full story

Reading Time: 1 Minute

Mark had been suffering with a painful shoulder for many years. He had always thought that it was an old high school basketball injury.

On one particularly painful day, I could really see his discomfort, so I suggested that we do a past life regression. “Let’s see if we can resolve the cause of this shoulder pain, once and for all” I said. Mark agreed and was eager to get down to it, rearranging his schedule to do this past life regression “thing”.

My intention was to regress him to the exact moment his shoulder was injured. I assumed it would to a basketball game or practice. But you know what they say about assuming anything!

Once he was deeply into a relaxed hypnotic state, I guided him to the source of the shoulder pain. His imagination was on fire and he was already there and deeply involved.

I asked “Where are you now?” “What do you see around you?”.

He reported that he was in a castle turret (imagine my surprise) and that he was an archer. He was defending the castle from the window slit during a siege and had just been hit in the shoulder with an enemy arrow.

His colleagues had dragged him away from the window, cursing and swearing, and propped him against the wall while they continued the battle.

He was in pain and very angry, cursing the war and the people involved, telling me he didn’t want to be in this “f*&king war” in the first place. He was very resentful and in a rage.

I let him rail on about the situation and once he was finished brought him back to his current lifetime.

Mark was surprised to discover that after the session, his shoulder pain was miraculously reduced and was very tolerable. As days passed, the tenderness and inflammation continued to fade, never to return, after almost 20 years.

Reading Time: 1 Minute

After the session, Mark and I talked about what happened and the interesting correlation with his early years in this life.

At the age of 18 Mark had felt compelled to join the marines but almost as soon as he did, before his basic training was even completed, he told me he knew he’d made a huge mistake. His next two years in the marines, for which he was already committed, was punctuated with drug use, outright rebellion and being thrown into the klink (solitary confinement) regularly, for disobeying his commanding officer.

In the marines, one of the things that Mark did excel at, was “marksmanship” or target shooting, becoming the trainer for the group. Without previous exposure to hunting or handling a rifle, Mark apparently, turned out to be a tremendous marksman.

Could his past life as an archer in wartime, have explained some of his negativity about being in the marines? Was it somehow familiar? Could his past life as an archer have had something to do with being a phenomenal shot? In my experience with past life regressions, people do, in fact, demonstrate uncanny abilities and skills in their current lives, without having had any previous exposure.

What skills or tendencies do you have in this life, that have no explanation as to “why” when you’ve had no exposure or practice?

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