Madly Obsessed - Terri's Lost Love. Solved by a past life regression

Overview of terri's past life regression

Don's Past Life RegressionThis is a story all too common in many lives. A story of short lived love with a sudden and surprising ending. The unrequited love so many of us have experienced and not resolved. A resolution may be available in a past life regression.

Meeting someone, and feeling a strong and instant attraction, a deep inexplicable connection can be confusing. Often, right from the outset, there’s a knowing, deep down, that it just won’t work. But those inexplicable feelings are suppressed in a false hope.

In many cases the relationship is impeded by any one of several factors. One or the other is already committed, there may be great geographical distance at play, or there are cultural barriers which would pose a problem for one or both, or because they come from very different economic backgrounds.

The reasons seem irrelevant at the time, and both people try to convince themselves – and each other – that nothing matters but their love.

Over time however, one, or both, realize that the challenges they face to “make it work” would be so disruptive that they become insurmountable.

And one of them simply ends it. Often abruptly.

overview of Takeaways from this past life regression

Who is this past life regression for?

Have you have even been in a situation where you felt an instant affinity for someone? Not necessarily romantically, but as a friend or a “soul mate”? Have you wondered why or what this stems from? 

A past life regression may give you the answers.

The opposite scenario can also be at play. Have you ever met someone who you instantly disliked? Was it mutual? Or have you had a “feeling” about someone that spelled danger?

Some of these situations can have a great impact on our lives and the decisions we make. Your “inner voice” doesn’t lie. It doesn’t lie because it knows there’s a connection, a reason for it.

That reason is frequently based on a relationship you’ve had with that person in a past life.

Father, son, sister, daughter. That person could have been anyone. From a family member, to a friend, a lover, a business associate. It could have been anyone.

But the effects of the dynamics of that relationship have spilled over into this life… and possibly into many of your lives. Including this one.

Whether you’re just curious about your feelings towards someone, or need to change the trajectory of your life now. By understanding why you feel this way, a past life regression may give you the answers you’re looking for.

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In the video below I read the whole story of the past life regression. You can also follow along with the text below, or simply read. There are two ways to enjoy the journey.

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the full story

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Terri’s story of her past life regression, was of a different nature. She had met someone at work (we’ll call him Brian) that she was immediately magnetized to. He was committed to someone else but the attraction was too strong to ignore. They wound up having a torrid, but brief affair.

But just a few weeks into it, he disappeared. She was unable to reach him, he had changed his workplace and he was nowhere to be found. Terri was going out of her mind with concern, worry and fear. What had she done to destroy this beautiful romance they had shared?

She came to me agonizing over what she’d done, or hadn’t done to make him disappear like he did. It took some time to get her settled down, in order to get into a deep hypnotic state for a past life regression.

But once accomplished, we were quickly thrust into a different time. We’d discover that this past life regression experience would lead us to a new person. A new character was about to make it’s presence known!

I went through a series of questions to establish where she is, if she’s male or female, what she’s wearing etc..

A bustling street corner in London, awaited us. It was in the early 20th century, and she is wearing a long gown, gloves and hat, waiting to cross the street as horses and carriages rush past.

Her name is “Catherine” I’m told. “I am 21 years old”. After some prodding about her family and siblings, she tells me she is an only child and she is a distant cousin to the royal family.

However, at this moment, she is completely distraught, as she has just gotten news that both her Mother and Father have been killed in a highway robbery. Without having any siblings, their identification, funeral arrangements and reading of their wills, fall to her alone.

I continue to query her, gently asking more questions. She was doted on by her Father “who suddenly disappeared” from her life. She was not able to say “Goodbye” to the Father she loved so dearly. I ask her to go back 3 months in time, before the accident, to a time when she is with her father. I tell her to look deeply into her father’s eyes. What do you see? “It’s Brian!” she states quite clearly.

I bring her back to present and she seems relaxed, calm and at peace. Quite the different person than when she arrived.

Reading Time: 1.5 Minutes

After the session, Terri and I discussed what happened and it’s relationship to her recent romance with Brian. She was very surprised, initially, to discover that her father in her life as Catherine, turned out to be Brian. But realized afterward that it made perfect sense.

This explained her instant familiarity with him upon their first meeting. It also seemed to explain the magnetism between them. Each feeling on some level, completely connected to the other.

We also discussed how Brian “disappeared” from her life this time, as well. He just couldn’t bring himself to say goodbye. This deprived her of the “closure” she needed, affecting her deeply, just like with Catherine’s father.

Terri checked in with me within a couple of weeks after our session to tell me she was feeling great. She wasn’t obsessing over Brian at all anymore. She told me her friends and sisters were very grateful that she was able to put this to rest, because her lamenting and pining away was driving them crazy.

Who do you know, who have you met, that you had an instant rapport with or instant dislike of?

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