Resolving A Heart Issue - betrayal in another time with past life regression

Overview of betty's past life regression

Don's Past Life RegressionModern medicine is wonderful and is helping millions of people every day recover from injuries and illness. However, modern science also has it’s limitations as it’s foundation is based on the physiology of the body in it’s current form as a mass of cells and organic structures and cannot explain the successes of past life regressions.

But it cannot see, or “deal with” anything outside of that realm. Any type of physiological change – improvement – that cannot be explained conventionally is labelled a mystery, spontaneous recovery, and most of the time it’s simply ignored.

However, these cases of “spontaneous recovery” have piled up into the tens of thousands – that we know of.

To explain these healings, conventional thinking relies on some unknown connection between “modern” science. The problem with that, is that in almost all these cases the person also tried alternative methods to help themselves. Past life regressions are one of them.

If “the body follows the mind,” then a reconciliation in the mind with a past life experience may lead to a change in the physiology of the person “in the now”.

Keeping an open and inquisitive mind is probably the most powerful tool we have to manage our lives in this life. And making a connection to a past life is part of that.

overview of Takeaways from this past life regression

Who is this past life regression for?

If you’re dealing with a physiological issue that just can’t seem to be improved conventionally, because you’ve tapped out the possibilities offered by modern science.

If you’re committed to exploring all possible methods and approaches, to improving your condition, then a past life regression will likely be part of your path.

Keeping an open mind, and maintaining a real desire to improve is paramount. Ironically, not everyone actually wants to get well!

The reason I say that, is if a person refuses to contemplate anything outside of the conventionally accepted “belief system” they have been indoctrinated with, then they simply don’t want to get well. There may be a subconscious “payoff”, some benefit to not getting better. Particularly since there’s no “downside” to exploring alternatives, why would the enormous potential upside is rejected?

But that’s their path, their option, their decision, in this life.

So if you are looking for answers and solutions to an ailment, have an open mind, and genuinely do want to get better? Then a past life regression session may be something to consider.,

prefer to watch & listen, or read?

In the video below I read the whole story of the past life regression. You can also follow along with the text below, or simply read. There are two ways to enjoy the journey.

the full story

Reading Time: 2.2 Minutes

Betty’s heart condition made itself known in the winter of 1999 but it wasn’t until 2017 that she had a breakthrough with a past life regression. She had been to cardiologists, who tested her heart, explained the issues and prescribed pills…

She had been to naturopaths who offered supplements. For a time, she felt better. But nothing really made her feel back to her old self until she learned of her past life as a victim of a tragic and violent attack! It explained so much about her current lifetime.

She found herself in a classic setting, the Great Hall of a stone castle. As the Lady of the castle, she was the dressed in a long beautiful gown and was standing beside her husband, with whom she was very much in love.

They were in the process of saying their farewells, and good nights as they were departing the festivities, preparing to retire to their suite.

It was at that moment, that Betty’s cousin approached them with some triviality, interrupting their exit. She had some news that would change Betty forevermore.

She made the pretense of some small talk, distracting them, while she reached into the folds of her skirts. Quickly, she drew out the dagger she had concealed. She would take care of this “problem” once and for all. Before anyone realized what she was doing, she thrust it into Betty’s chest, straight into the heart!

Betty sank to her knees, looking down at the blood seeping from her chest, watching it soak into the beautiful stitching of her gown, as her life drained away. She whispered “Why?” and died in her husband’s arms.

Betty goes on to describe that she is now floating at the scene of her burial. She had two surviving children, a son and daughter and was buried under the tree where they would picnic as a family. Her husband was devastated. He had banished Betty’s cousin from the fiefdom.

Betty later explained that her cousin was so jealous of the love between her and her husband, that she became delusional. She decided that all she had to do was eliminate Betty and replace her, in the Lord’s affections. He’d be free to marry her and she’d become the Lady of the castle.

Authors Note: This was a very emotional session for the client and myself, as the client was my own mother!

Reading Time: 1 Minutes

Two weeks afterward, when on a family outing, she realized that she had tremendous energy!

Usually the one lagging behind, as having been unable to walk not 10 feet without stopping to catch her breath, this day, she was bouncing around, full of vim and vigor as she climbed up and down the concrete staircases.

Could this have been the after affect of reconciling her past life?

Ironically, Betty had always grown faint at the sight of blood. As a mother, it was challenging to say the least, raising children, who would hurt themselves with a cut or abrasion. Betty would faint at the sight! But no more.

Could her means of death in past life have explained some of her proclivities in this life?

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