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Sheri's Past life regression - overview

Don's Past Life RegressionSo many of us are plagued by fears and phobias, but in many cases they can be described as “sensitivities”, rather than outright phobias, which can be addressed in a past life regression.

Most are (seemingly) not life impeding, but they do affect our lives and we have no explanations for them. Until now.

Fear of heights, dark spaces, small spaces, wide open spaces, crowds, noise, light, darkness, flying, driving, are some of the phobias people can and do have. In fact, most of us have one or two sensitivities that we cannot explain.

What we don’t realize, is that sometimes even small things like a discomfort in crowds, or with public speaking, or flying, will invariably impact the decisions we make in life. Such as not taking a job requiring a lot of travel or forgoing a promotion or business opportunity as a result of a fear of public speaking.

The permutation of possible combinations is literally endless. Anything we “fear,” or are sensitive to WILL invariably alter the course of our lives because it impacts the decisions we make.

Through a past life regression, many of these fears, phobias and sensitivities can be explained and eliminated.

overview of Takeaways from this past life regression

Who is this past life regression for?

If you have any sensitivities, fears or phobias – like public speaking – which may affect the course of your career then exploring your past life for the solution may be worth considering.

If, for example, you’re not “assertive enough” to go after that promotion, new job, or new client or contract, there’s likely an underlying fear that’s stopping you.

Or several fears.

Or if you can’t say “no” to people, or ask for what you want, or shy away from any situation where you have to draw the line, change your life, or even change business and personal relationships.

There may be underlying fears which mold your responses – and consequently, your life choices.

We often label assertive people as “cutthroat” or “selfish” in their own pursuits. But deep down, we sometimes envy their abilities and tenacity. The easy way out is to succumb and grumble about our lack of those qualities. But the easiest way to fix it is to address the issues.

If you want to “clean your fear and phobia house”, then a past life regression session may be just the ticket!

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In the video you’ll see a real past life regression experience with Sheri. It has been edited to take out the long pauses, and the video speed has been increased. Enjoy!

the full story

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As a person, Sheri-Lyn was always outgoing, bubbly and adventurous. However, though fearless about most things – like travelling across the US by herself – there were just some things that Sheri would never consider doing.

Most of us would be pretty nervous at the thought of parachuting out of a plane or bungy jumping, but Sheri wouldn’t even ride on a roller coaster! She found herself with sweating palms just watching movies where dangerous heights were involved, even sitting in the comfort of her own home.

All in all, Sheri had a fear of heights, of suffocation, and an ever-present sensation of something like a cotton ball stuck in her throat.

As a child, she had a terrorizing moment when her mother told her she would be “on stage” for her ballet recital. Sheri had a dream that night about being led through torch lit corridors. That vision stuck with her, her whole life.

Knowing that I was a hypnotist specializing in past life regression, and since Sheri wanted to get to the bottom of these things, she reached out to me. We booked her in for an online session. She was eager and excited to find out if this vision was just her imagination or an actual past life.

After getting her comfortable and into a light hypnotic state, Sheri finds herself in the woods, barefoot by a stream. She is hiding out though she knows it’s inevitable, she can’t stay there forever. She must face the music.

As the session evolves, Sheri sees herself as a young woman, in a ankle length dress and corset, her name is “Rebecca” though she is called “Becky”. We discover that Becky’s mother encourages Becky’s education, secretly arranging for her to be taught outside the home, with a few other girls.

All is not roses as we learn that Becky’s father is in bed and dying. She is devastated, yet desperate and determined to help him. She ventures out to the local midwife, where it seems she learns the power of herbal medicines. Though she is warned repeatedly to keep it secret, she is so excited at having healed her father with her knowledge she talks too much. Her pride and excitement gets the best of her.

This brings us back to the beginning, barefoot at the stream. It is here that she is hiding from arrest, but the soldiers find her anyway. Roughly accosting her, another soldier ties her hands with rope and she is thrown into the stage with several other crying women. They are all charged with practicing witchcraft.

Becky is taken with the other women, to the courthouse. They are disembarked, and filed into the building and down a torch lit staircase. Eventually, they are tried, found guilty and each sentenced to death. Sheri has a vision of Becky following the other women up a very long staircase to the top of a parapet wall.

Becky’s father, now completely recovered, is standing in the crowd on the ground, anguished at watching each woman have a noose fitted around her neck. Becky is next!

The crowd is rowdy and calling out. They want justice. These women must repent! One by one, the women are roughly thrown off the top of the wall. Hung by their necks until they are dead. Killed for their ability to heal the sick.

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Since the session Sheri had above, she’s discovered that the cotton ball sensation she’s always had in her throat, has completely gone. 

She hasn’t tried it but thinks she could easily climb up on the roof of her home, and tells me that she never ever would have considered it before. 

We have yet to learn if Sheri would ride a roller coaster, but summer is coming and maybe she’ll try.

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